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  • The evercook pro, the top-of-the-line model of the popular ”evercook” brand, which has sold over 3 million units in Japan.

  • The outside of the aluminum frying pan, which has good thermal conductivity, is covered with magnetic stainless steel, which has excellent heat retention properties. It is less prone to heat irregularities and can efficiently cook “bake”, “steam” and “simmer” in a single unit over medium or lower heat and so the design concept of the evercook pro went back to its origins as a “utensils for cooking” and aims to be a classic frying pan. The mirror finish of stainless steel on the outside creates its appearance, and the grip, which is repeatedly adjusted as if it were carved out of an angular material, provides both a strong and impressive edge line and a comfortable feeling when using it, giving a different impression when looking at it and when using it.

  • Sep / 2020