Iconic Gotland sheep ornament “Marte”


Naturally rich island “Gotland” in Sweden, is designated as a world heritage site, also this island is said is one of the inspirations of Miyazaki Hayao in making his film “Kiki’s delivery servise”. This High rarity Gotland sheep lives on the island and has silky, silver curly and gorgeous skin. The sheep skin items has been loved by people in Sweden as an houseware and also popular gift for a newborn baby thanks to its function of heat and moisture regulation. It is necessary goods for nursing baby as baby rug on the floor or for a bed and babycart. And after used for baby, it will become their houseware for generations. “Marte” is designed under a request of “iconic ornament such as representation of Gotland sheep” by the client wants the world to know the wonder of The Gotlandsheep skin. At the begining, I was thinking to use the hairly sheep skin only. Although while i am thinking well about “Gotland sheep” it’s not just a standard sheep, their legs without a curly hair might be a feature. So I dare to designed its legs unbalanced aiming at its form characteristic and unique but caredully won’t be too dolly cute. I sitcked to the tranquil design as an interior ornament. Also, In matunafcturing process of interior items or cuishons with ractangler and circle shapes from the shealthskin original fabric (such as with peeled limbs left behind), the waste pieces from original sheepskin has been left. I checked all those left pieces, examined the given quantity and decided the size of the ornament itself. High quality Gotland sheepskin is not dyed, all of their natural texture are individuialy different, that means there is no exactly sameone. I named it “Marte” from the Swedish first name generaly named for regardless of gender.
  • Photo 1-6 : Ikuo Hiramatsu
  • Photo 7-10 : Atsuko Osaki

  • Sep / 2018