the lamp series capable of selecting cable colours “Pit.”


    “Free choice of your colours.”

        The lamp series capable of selecting cable colours “Pit.” for Japanese brand HIGHTIDE.

            In North Europe, candles are remaining in their lifestyle strongly still even they are not so useful compare to electric lamps.
                Lately, electric lamps are getting not so popular because of the LED’s gaining share in the market.
                    But in future, this electric lamps also might be remaining in our lifestyle such like the candles in North Europe.
                        So Electirc lamps are enough in the potential for growing in many kinds of styles and designs from now.
                          Thats why we decided to design this series free choice of the color and style so you can chose as your favorite and as suitable for your lifestyle.
                              First of all, We took a lamp shade,candle stick,candle holder and wall candle away from the main unit.
                                  We designed the main unit in simple shape without the decoration to make easy to coordinate with other selectable parts as one’s favorite color combinations.
                                      The coloration Koike chose are a solid colour reflecting the image of rust,copper green rust,steel.
JUL 2016