the points collection

for Material ConneXion Tokyo

  • This is the prototype produced experimentally on using processing technique of NC Industry co.,ltd, is the company located in Kyoto and specialized at hole making / outline processing.

  • The processing technique cultivated their 40 years in business made them produce high accuracy of hole positions and these are stable in dimensions. Because of this high technique, they can jig fine uncounted holes even into many different kinds of materials at the same time.

  • As the production of prototype with using their technique, Koike was thinking what function he could provide to the board with line of holes. When the hole ranges linearly, it becomes the perforation, and it is in mesh when it ranges into an aspect form. So Koike laid the numberless holes out to be able to assemble in shape of trays and bowls by your hand on an aluminium-board. They are perfectly completed with the mechanical sensitive technique and your manual work.

    Photo : Ikuo Hiramatsu (Photo 1 – 7)
    NOV 2016