The energetic tumbler

/ for TIGER corporation

  • Thermos bottle characterized by “slant handle”.

  • Recent years, for the people go excercising or do yoga, it is very common to go sports gym close by your house. Although, even in such convenient stuation, we often have to bring a heavy big gym bag to carry all the items. In this case, focus on a water bottle such as super sporty one like bright unique pattern printed on or the outdoor style with large durable one. Obviously overspec for this light activity but sometimes they are all you have.
    So in the development of a new bottle, we promoted the design based on the concept of a water bottle for city user. My aim was making gym bag as small/light as possible, so I decided to make the water bottle an outstanding accessory by designing handle to lid and it’ll be able to suit for bringing anywhere without a bag.
    In the process of testing with several prototyping, we discovered the water bottle with handle, commonly sold, tend to make user felt rather heavier. The reason is the handle has attached perpendicular to the bottle body and the center gravity will vertical when putting water and your wrist gets loosen and unstabable. Also when you carry this types of bottle, quite possilbly happens you unconsiously play twisting with the handle and that makes the lid easily loosen. (The handle desingn “on the side” wasn’t on my list originaly because the handle part rather sticks out and might ugly.)
    By our test of several times of tilting the hand angle to see the right degrees, we found the center of gravity of slant handle actually will stabilized and griping hand is not easily fatigued, and the opening becomes more wider and it helps when grip. The most fitted inclination angle to the hand is about 25 degrees. This slant handle created in this way can be the symbolic feature of this product.
    Considering will be used for floorings of sports gym, made the bottle bottom by soft plastic to prevent the sound when it’s placed on and also to avoid dents.
    The body is powder coated not to make slip easily.  

  • Photo 1-7 : Atsuko Osaki

  • Energetic Tumbler

  • APR 2019