“Art tiles” photo frames

“Art tiles” photo frames

Susy labo Inc.

Photo frames to decorate your daily life.

It is handy cardboard photo frames for decorating your ever increasing number of photos, due to the recent habit to take pictures casually with mobile phones for you or for uploading to SNS etc.


There are four shapes: Flower, Leaf, Snow and Polygon. Those four types of geometric patterns frames can be arranged freely. You can add as many frames as you like along with the number of photos daily increased and can decorate them in any layout you like.

It is made by cardboard and made particular about ease of use. Just insert the photo into the slits of the frame and stick it on the wall with the removable wall sticker on the back side of the flame. It would be very easy to change photos to refresh the wall.
Japanese Unexamined Utility Model





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