BenQ Aora ceiling light

BenQ Aora ceiling light

BenQ Corporation

Photographer /

Ikuo Hiramatsu

A smart ceiling light to optimize room brightness

BenQ AORA Smart Ceiling Light



BenQ Aora Ceiling Light is a ceiling light for families with small children. It is optically designed to avoid being too dark or too centralized, with sensors optimizing brightness to deliver a balanced light to the corners of the room or to the floor where children lie down to study, without straining the user’s eyes.


Winning iF DESIGN AWARD 2023

The form symbolizes a luminaire emanating a pleasant light from a point source to the corners of a square room. It resonates with a perfect balance between the softness of a circle and the strength of a square. The rounded edges give the light a sense of serenity and grace, conveying a warm atmosphere in a family with children.

The ceiling adapter is attached to the ceiling rosette, and the unit can be installed by simply inserting the unit and attaching the round lid in the center, making it easy for a single person to install even this large product.

The remote control is designed to be operable with one hand whether it is mounted on the wall or held in the hand. The remote holder and the remote control itself are secured by magnets, making removal and operation as easy as possible.

The unit can also be operated by voice sensor when parents are busy with household chores or when they cannot take their hands off their children. The BenQ Smart Lighting smartphone app can also be used to control the system, and uses the same GUI as the physical buttons on the remote control, eliminating the need to learn new operations for the app.

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