Carbonated water bottle

Carbonated water bottle

TIGER corporation

Photographer /

Atsuko Osaki

Vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottle for carbonated water.

It is equipped with a “carbon dioxide venting structure”  that activates when the bottle lid is opened to prevent the gas from spurting out,  and a “safety valve” that activates when the pressure inside the bottle is accidentally increased.
This water bottle can hold carbonated beverages, for which has been a needs from fans for a long time.

The key features are a strap designed to make the bottle easy to carry for outdoor activities and a lid shape designed to be opened safely with light force.


For example, when the growler holds carbonated beverages like beer or sparkling wine, the internal pressure of the container is increased by a gas and which risks the inside spurting out when the lid is opened (that is very scary to open even for a grown up person like me ).
If a carbonated beverage is filled in normal water bottles, the internal pressure increases while it’s been carried with and it may cause the lid to fly off to hurt something/one and the bag becomes soaking wet.

The lid of this bottle has a torque structure that holds strongly to prevent it from flying off due to the internal pressure of gas, and the design allows it to be opened with light force even though it is closed very tightly.
When the lid twists slightly, the unique structure allows the gas to escape (as shown in the photo), so the gas does not leak due to the capacity over and can carry it during leisure activities without worry.


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