Draw wall clock

Draw wall clock

Lemnos inc.

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Photo 1-9 : Ikuo Hiramatsu
Photo 10-14 : Atsuko Osaki

Hint a delicate nuance of numerical character in the bar index.

Through laying out the numbers on the face of the wall clock, I notice some numerical character fonts are easily fit in the design of the index and some are not so easily fit in it. Therefore my main process of designing clock is how I could “find” the good font enough to it. An ideal font I struggled to find out will give the clock itself some appearance that hard to express by any particular words such as any expression, character, charm and so on. This clock index has been created while I was drawing and erasing bars to the basic bar index with my thoughts of how the clock face would become if I approximated the index bar shape to the nuance of numeral character. The clock of white face with dome glass has an orthodox appearance and is designed to be blending into the space. And the clock of inverted face with flat glass and thin frame is arranged to become an accent of the space.

-TAKATA Lemnos Inc. was founded in 1984 as a brass casting manufacturing industry in Takaoka-city, Toyama Prefecture, Japan . Takata Lemnos Inc. entered into the development for the original planning from late 1980 and “Lemnos Brand” recognized as the global design clock by a masterpiece “HOLA” designed by Kazuo KAWASAKI which released in 1989. Afterwards, we made a lot of projects with well-known designers who took in active in Japan and overseas such as Riki WATANABE, Kazuo KAWASAKI, Shin AZUMI, Tomoko AZUMI, Kanae TSUKAMOTO, nendo etc. and we made announcement of their fine works abounding in artistry and prominent designs.

Flat glass:φ323×d40mm
Dome glass:φ320×d56mm

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