Evercook pro

Evercook pro


“evercook pro”, is the most significant model of “evercook” that has been sold over 3 million units in Japan.

A magnetic stainless steel coating with an excellent heat retaining has been coated over the surface of a frying pan made by an aluminum which has a high thermal conductivity. This makes it possible to prevent the heat unevenness and provide ”baking”, “steaming” and “simmering” efficiently with lower than the medium heat.

The design concepts are “back to the basics of a cooking tool” and also I aimed it to be “the standard” frying pan.

The mirror finishing coat applied outside has a characteristic appearance. And the grip design was amended many times like a process of cutting off the corners of a lumber piece, and it became edgy but also fit comfortably well in your hand that gives you fresh impressions in the respective scenes such as displayed or used as a cooking tool.