Vacuum jug PWO

Vacuum jug PWO

Tiger corporation

Photographer /

Ikuo Hiramatsu

Design like a  beautiful tableware, suited well on the dining table.

The stainless servers with heat or cold insulation in Japan were mostly the same products for professional use or home use.  And we didn’t even think there was a choice.

In general, this type of thermal server has been used for keeping tea, coffee and some beverages fresh by the time it’s served, but lately it has become used in a wide range of ways such as keeping ice water for heatstroke prevention and so on. Thus for this usefulness, and  by the reason it works without a power source, it ecologically has been under the spotlight again. So designing for home users, I intended it to be like a beautiful tableware, something should fit well with other things on the dining table.

There are 3 sizes (1.2L1.6L2.0L)  And the grip design, finally reached by the long way of prototyping, has been in common for every pot size and while remaining the tableware like appearance, it can be fit comfortably well in your hand even when the tank became heavier with a full of water.

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