BenQ AC adapter

BenQ AC adapter

BenQ corporation

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Atsuko osaki

With the implementation of the European Ecodesign Requirements, we have designed their own Common AC Adapter for BenQ home products. Based on the requirements, the size of the adapter itself would have been large, so we aimed for a design that would look good even when plugged into a wall outlet, while keeping its presence as low as possible.

In addition, considering the fact that the products are often plugged into electrical outlets that are visible to the user in the room, the color scheme is white, with straight indentations on the sides for easy insertion and removal. An AC adapter is an accessory in general, so it is also often used off-the-shelf product without any design consideration, but as a brand, we assumed that even the accessory had to be carefully made, so asked them to design a mold without any slope.

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