BenQ MindDuo 2

BenQ MindDuo 2

BenQ corporation

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Ikuo Hiramatsu

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Yanko Design

Soft rounded children's study desk light

When children study, read books, or draw pictures…

MindDuo2 that support children’s various learning activities are designed in such a way that children themselves want to use them and touch them, we wanted to design a desk lamp that children themselves would want to use and touch, and that they would use with a sense of charm, so we avoided using orderly geometric shapes that create tension as much as possible, the overall shape is soft and naturally rounded to give the user a sense of familiarity.

The front control panel was moved to one side to create a visual rhythm, and the housing and panel were set in different tones of the same color to create a modern impression that is not overly childish.

MindDuo2, equipped with BenQ’s proprietary technology that prevents the light source from directly touching the eyes, has a high color rendering index of Ra97 and can illuminate a wide area exceeding the JIS Class AA standard. The sensor detects the brightness of the environment and automatically adjusts to the optimal illumination level to reduce eye strain caused by differences in brightness and darkness.

In reading mode, the light illuminates a wide area evenly, while in screen reading mode, the light is bright at both ends and the light in the center is suppressed to reduce reflection on the monitor. This makes it a desk lamp suitable for tablet learning, which has been on the rise in recent years.

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