Founder clock

Founder clock

Lemnos Inc.

Photographer /

Ikuo Hiramatsu (Photo 1-2)

“Wall clock as if it was there since a long ago.”

The Founder Clock is made of aluminum casting, which is a traditional industry of Takaoka city, Toyama, Japan.

“When I observed the foundry of Takaoka, I was surprised to know the things create there aren’t only ritual articles, are famous for their traditional industry, but also the things like we hardly notice there are in our life such as piping sleeves, architectural materials and car parts.
The muddy melted metal in a high temperature furnace as they are getting colder will be molded in a model. The form is modest but I felt they have a strong energy hidden inward. The metal parts keep supporting a part of our life anonymously as if they were nothing since a long ago but we don’t really know when they came at. I impressed all about it and started to think about the wall clock by the cast metal.
While I designing it, I realized there are only few things I could add my hand…”

The power of the casting metal shining from within creates an appearance which can’t be reproduced using only surface shapes. The design uses numbers only which is polished edge, without adding other decorations, in order to highlight the beauty of the materials. This makes it look like it was originally part of the surrounding architecture from the beginning.
(Founder also means a worker who makes metal castings.)

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