Freude tooth brush

Freude tooth brush


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Photo : Ikuo Hiramatsu

The tooth brush for hotel use. The hole in the lower part of the hand grip of general toothbrush in fact is there intended for making a flow of the resin better at the time of the mold injection and also avoiding the mold irregularity, even if it looks like a hook hole. And the resin, the cost of it in the product cost price will be a extremely big ratio because it is not a retail product.
At First, I came to an idea that take this functionless hole and a flow of the resin in styling. Then sfter having made a rough mock-up let alone consideration of the convenience when its used, I fine-tuned a shape by 0.1 g of units by using 3DCAD , to put the position of the back sink-mark, which is there to reduce quantity of resin, and the hole of the lower part together.
It is the design under considerations of the productivity improvement and the cost price reduction and the sophisticated styling at the same time.


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