MindDuo2 plus

MindDuo2 plus

BenQ corporation

The desk lamp watching over your child progress.

To avoid children users from having myopia or shortsightedness, MindDuo 2 Plus is designed to illuminate widely on the desk and the wall, and it makes the learning environment bright but not like dazzling close under direct light source. It is equipped with sensors that detect the head position of the child user ,and adjusts the lighting condition automatically, and on the lamp body I designed a graphical interface that allows users to intuitively understand each operation. Its body and arm length are designed to be able to keep the position of the child’s head and body an appropriate distance. The simple and adorable looks designed beyond taste that can continue to be used all ages even when users grew up.

Prized Taiwan Excellence 2021

Turning on and off without touching with PIR sensor.

【Product Features】
– Posture Reminder : With ultrasonic and PIR sensors, the lamp detects the position of head and remind children to sit up straight if their head is too close to the desk.
– Auto-dimming Adjustment : With a light sensor, the lamp detects ambient lighting condition and automatically adjusts brightness.
– Hidden Light Sources : To avoid dazzling glare directly seen by children, the light sources are hidden into upper case of lamp head.

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