Vacuum insulated water bottle MKA

Vacuum insulated water bottle MKA

TIGER corporation

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Atsuko Osaki

The water bottle, focused once again on "drinking comfort."

Tiger Corporation celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2023.
In designing this water bottle for celebrating the 100th anniversary, we focused once again on “drinking comfort”, which is the essential function of a water bottle. We began by reconfiguring the design of the previous push-button lid from the ground up for our pursuit of the best drinking comfort that’s ever.

The shape of the mouth is softly curved to fit your lips, and the 3D printer was used to repeatedly create prototypes in search of a shape that would allow the drink to flow smoothly. By increasing the opening angle of the lid by 10 degrees, the pressure of the lid is reduced when the bottle is tilted for a more comfortable drinking experience.

The advantages of the unique easy-open and one-push lock lever mechanism, which can be operated with one hand, have also been brushed up to the maximum extent. The form, which is composed of minimal elements that have been a lot of brushed functions, has a dignified appearance and a shape that fits comfortably in your hand.


This water bottle, that has been completely redesigned based on the technology and experience cultivated up to now.
The most comfortable drinking experience in the history of Tiger Corporation.

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